The Vampire of the Red Tea

Chapter One: Lifeless Bodies Are Useless

The screams of the lifeless bodies are never heard, just like my voice. They just try to scream the one scream they know which ends up being useless. I ask them to sing with me, and try to teach me a new song, but no one listens to me, no one sings to me. I get tired of repeating the same words and actions every day of my useless life. I ask the bodies to play with me, but again, no one listens to me. So, I crack open my one of my many skulls and sprinkled brains on my dress of fresh with blood I found. I turned again to the lifeless bodies sitting beside me, and before I could ask, I screamed. I'll shut you up alone in mountains of bones. Come on, I want to hear you scream. Let me hear you scream! Again, no one ever listens to me.  I looked at the prison ceiling, and notice that it is lifeless and dull, just as the lifeless bodies. I gazed at this site until a little human escaped from its basket. I beat it in the Danmaku and it got its limbs and skin cleanly torn off. That poor little human joined the lifeless bodies pile beside me. I sat there waiting for more humans that I could rip apart, but none came near, for they feared me, just as the lifeless bodies did. 

            Once again, I turned to the lifeless bodies to ask and give. I gave a piece of flesh dripping with dark, venomous blood, from the little human who dared to come near. I asked if it was delicious, and if they would like to sing, but they did respond or even dare to listen, just stayed put and didn’t even care. I turned my head to see the internal organs and brains lying there. Then I thought back to the prison ceiling. If I mix their red and gold, will it be black? The color the same as the prison ceiling? I knew this couldn’t be true, since I just imagined the internal organs and brains from my last meal. I found some new blood in the corner of the prison, with apricot hair. I threw the skeletal remains against the wall as if I was ripping them from a little human wondering around. I drank the blood as fast as I could, but didn’t finish, hoping the lifeless bodies would finally play with me, and again… nothing. With still saying nothing, I grasped yet another skull in my hand, cracked it open, and sprinkled the brains all over my dress, fresh with the remaining blood with apricot hair.

            One of my lifeless bodies from the top of the pile fell on my shoe, which had more blood on it, this time with a blonde magician. Again, I threw the skeletal remains against the wall, in my pile of bones in the corner of my prison. I didn’t drink any of the blood, for I had remembered why it was a blonde magician. I had faced a magician named Marisa Kirisame, and defeated her using my incredible physical strength. Thinking about this made me drink the blood on the lifeless body, to suppress the memory of Marisa Kirisame. I threw her lifeless body back to the top of the pile of other lifeless bodies. I thought about it, but only thought not asked. Would the lifeless bodies play with me now? With that, I kept a quiet voice so if the bodies were listening, they wouldn’t hear me. I had nothing else to think about other than the fact of no one listening to me, and being lonely in my prison. Then, I turned my head to the other direction which I had never focused on that much before. I noticed the bright shimmer from what appeared to be an iron and some kind of metal object. To my surprise, it was my lost Lævateinn. With knowing I had finally found this, I dozed off and soon fell asleep, laying on Marisa Kirisame’s body, which had fallen while I dozed off, but didn’t notice.

Chapter two: Blood for the lost Lævateinn and myself

            I awoke to Marisa Kirisame’s lifeless body at my left, and my Lævateinn at the right of me. I threw Marisa’s lifeless body back to the top of the pile, and forced it to stay put. Now that I had my Lævateinn, I felt that I could do anything, but I can’t. I’m powerless and useless in this prison, just like the lifeless bodies. Then, I saw something, or what appeared to be another little human run into my cell. With this, I took my Lævateinn, and used it to pull the human over to my grasp. I took the little human by the neck, began to kick repeatedly, until it couldn’t scream, just like the lifeless bodies. I looked at the little human in the face, and thought to myself… you will be delicious and red. I ripped its arms off one by one, and watched until its face turn hollow and lifeless. The left hand that I was clutching was delicious, just like the right hand which it used to flail around. The little human was still alive, but barley… I began to speak to it. The screaming coming from your slit throat, that tune becomes a crimson rainbow. Your massacre releases a sweet and deep color. The scream coming from your slit throat, when it soaks everything with a rain of blood. The human seemed as if it was a lifeless body, and didn’t listen to me. I decided to think aloud for what I would do to this person, and came up with an idea. I killed it, using my lost Lævateinn. I ate the pieces of flesh dripping with dark, venomous blood, until there were none.

             My Lævateinn and I were now sitting next to the pile of bones from the little humans, and my red tea that I would find. I had a plan to use these bones and skeletal remains to break out of this prison, and destroy everything living thing in the world. I had already killed and defeated some many people. I always forget though… I already did that. I’m the only person in the world, except for the little humans whom survived my deathly attack. I wished and hoped every day that I could be with other people, like my sister, Remilia, Sakuya, Meiling, Patchouli, and Koakuma. They were the first ones to go. I really didn’t care that much about Remilia; she’s the reason why I’m even here! I killed her when I had the chance, so I didn’t have to listen to her anymore. That’s what lead to the rest of the world. It hit me; I thought that I still had Remilia’s lifeless body somewhere in this prison, and that I did. I found some of her blood left from when I had killed her. The red tea was blueberry, and flavorless, just like my sister.

            I took the blood in my hands, and poured it all over myself. I couldn’t handle the fact that I was alone. I threw my Lævateinn until it broke through the wall of the prison, never to be seen again, just like everyone else. I began to laugh since I felt that craziness increase in me. No one could hear what I was doing, but I really didn’t care anymore. It was then; I stopped my craziness, and began to cry. My flaming red eyes were closed in doing so. I couldn’t bare anyone to hear me, if there were little human, crawling around my prison, unnoticeable. I forced myself to stop, but I couldn’t. I was feeling all of these mixed emotions in my head. I tried to focus and just one thought, until I could. My thought began blank and bare, with no color, nor flavor to it. There I lay now, without the thought in mind to anything, but sleep when the sun was to rise. There were no windows in my prison, but I could still tell when the sun was bright and hot. I began to close my flaming red eyes and doze off. I couldn’t find my Lævateinn anywhere. With this, I dozed off, until… I was asleep.

Chapter Three: The Humans Are Disappearing

 I awoke that night to dark, venomous blood poured all over me. I had the feeling that there was a little human lurking in these parts. I never look around my prison on foot, but just by sight. I decided to stand, to see a little human, at my height. I didn’t have my Lævateinn, so I couldn’t pull as fast one to end it. So I used my strength and power to damage this one until it couldn’t scream. I still couldn’t seem to find my Lævateinn. That is when I dropped the human from a towering height that should have killed in a second. I looked where I had through my Lævateinn last night, when it pierced through the wall of the prison. I saw a shimmer and the shape of my Lævateinn lying down, but it was different… It was cracked! I still could use this, but it didn’t feel the same. I thought about all these things that I had to do in order to kill this human. I had to make sure that there was still blood in the body for my meal; I had to make sure that the person was dead, and I had to rip out the bones along with the skeletal remains, to add onto my already towering pile of them.

I took my Lævateinn in grasp, and began to shoot the person to death, until hollow and no longer breathing. When I did so, the person reached for my hand that was holding the Lævateinn, but was stopped when I let go of my Lævateinn and grasped the person by the hand. The person appeared to be in the looks of how I wanted it to look. When I was satisfied with this now lifeless body, I sat down and began to drink the dark, venomous blood, just like all the other’s blood, which I had drank already. My wings now lay on my shoulders, showing the crystals dull and out of color. I didn’t have any feelings that would spark or trigger any kind of… well, anything. The only thing I thought about was my Lævateinn, and how it was cracked. I tried to fix it, using blood as a type of paste. Hoping it would work, I took some bones, and sharpened them with my fangs of dripping blood. Until, they were the right shape and style of how I wanted then, I continued in my work.

I got all five of them to the right length and form, but I felt a strange feeling on the inside. I felt like I was missing something, but it wasn’t any of the people I killed in my deathly attack. I just felt strange. I didn’t care too much for this feeling since I’m busy doing other important work. I took one of the longer silver spoons, and sharpened it the act as a spear. The silver spoon was a lot harder to sharper by fangs, so I took my Lævateinn, and used the blade edge to sharpen. The six silver spoons were finally sharp to act weapons for killing little humans that lurk around. I haven’t seen any lately, and I was hoping for a meal soon. I jumped to conclusions, thinking, maybe there are no more humans around to eat. That couldn’t be though… I left a lot of humans alive during my deathly attack… I think? I couldn’t think on an empty stomach, yet I never could anyway. It was then; I heard a faint scream outside of my prison. With this, my wing’s crystals began to spark a flare, which means… it’s time to eat! I gripped my Lævateinn in my right hand, and stood at the front of the prison, where I could see everything going on. There was a little human in the corner in the outside. I couldn’t reach her by hand, but I could with my Lævateinn. I aimed my Lævateinn at the little human, and… I fired a shoot. When the human got hit, it got up and ran towards me. I held out my left hand to try and grasp it… I did. The little human was trying desperately to escape, but I was too strong for it to leave me. I brought the human into my prison, and threw it to the ground. I bent down, gripped the little human by the hair, and got it to stare into my flaming red eyes.

Chapter Four: The Crystal Prism Shards of My Wings Spark

The little human stared deep into my eyes, for I could feel how it was feeling. The little human was shaking and tearing as I began to speak. Why are you facing me? Were your pleas useless? Were your emotions suppressed? Were your hopes crushed? Were your eyes burning with fury? Did you become stained with blood? The little human didn’t listen to me, which made me figure that it wanted to become one of the lifeless bodies. I slapped then little human across the face, and threw her at the wall, towards the pile of silver spoons. The poor little human landed on the pile of sharper spoons, and was slaughtered in seconds. I was satisfied with myself, for I had just gotten my next meal, and more silver spoons that I could rip out, and throw on my pile. I walked over to where I had through the little human, but there was something wrong… there was no blood! I was surprised; I threw the little human at the pile of sharper silver spoons, which should have pierced through the body. As I felt a slight pain in the leg, as if I was just stabbed by something, I looked down to see that I was shot by the little human.

For some reason, the little human survived the throw to the spoons, and had a gun the whole time. The little human took knee, and then to stand, the human’s eye had been pierced, and just began to bleed. I couldn’t handle myself, so I had to grab my Lævateinn, to end it all. The human still had the gun, which I didn’t fear, for I can’t get hurt by it. Nothing could hurt me, nothing what so ever. I grasped my Lævateinn, which had finally dried from the blood I used to paste it. Before, the little human and I began to fight. My crystals began the spark, and then explode with color. Then, we were on. The little human was damaged harshly, so, I had the advantage. I could tell right away, the little human was aiming for my crystals, which held most of my power. With knowing this, I spread my wings, and began to travel in the air. The little human had no clue where I had gone, so, it began to shoot rapidly all around itself, until ammo was no more. The little human had no spare ammunition to reload with. I didn’t want to descend from my travel, so I used my Lævateinn to take the human in my grasp. With the length of my Lævateinn and the position the human was in, the little human had nothing else to do, but choke to death. The little human didn’t gasp for air, so, I decided to end it.

I let the human out of my grasp, and let it fall to the ground. Landing on its stomach, blood arose from around the human, yet not dead. I plunged to the ground, to find myself at the human’s side. I flipped the human over so it could face me and stare into my flaming red eyes. Blood was splattered all over my pail little face, but I didn’t care at the moment. I took knee to the human, raised my Lævateinn, and dropped it as fast as I could. The Lævateinn pierced right through the heart of this human, causing death in seconds. I was excited about being able to tell the lifeless bodies about our fight, but they still never would and never will listen. The little human was ready for me to rip apart. So, I tore open the human by the chest, and began to rip out what I was in the mood for. The human’s blood was completely fresh and still had the scent of nothing. I had seen nothing that was raw, or into my interests, so, I just went for the “casual” meal. I shared the flesh dripping of dark, venomous blood with the lifeless bodies. None took, so, I ate all. I left a lot of blood on my red dress, for I was wanted to crack open a skull and sprinkle my brains on it, but before doing so… I fainted to the solid ground of my prison.

Chapter Five: Apples and Honey

I awoke that night, to a song being song by myself. Apples and honey, the jam in the tea is apricot. I threw the silver spoon against the wall… I stopped singing, for I didn’t like how it sounded. I turned to the lifeless bodies pile, and sang the song to them, but I was stopped before I could sing apples. I saw internal organs, and brains in the opposite corner of my prison from the now mountain of bones. I crawled over to them, and thought about what I had thought a few days ago… If I mix their red and gold, will it be black? The color the same as the prison ceiling… Before making the same mistake I made last time, I grasped one of the brains to know it was real. When I grasped the brain, many of the veins popped from me squishing it. I dropped it and began to work. I gripped my Lævateinn in my right hand, and began to crush the brains and internal organs in a pile. I watched as the veins exploded from the pressure and force being put on them. Until, they were a type of paint consistence, I continued with the process.

Red and gold paint was now in front of me in two separate piles. I didn’t want to get my Lævateinn and dirtier than it already was, so, I used my hands instead. I mixed both piles in the center of myself and saw a dramatic change in color. When it was completed, I had seen that it was no longer the color of apples or honey, but a dark shade of black. I was right, it would turn black! The only thing I thought about then was how would I wash my hands? I figured that I could just wash my hands with any and or if any remains red tea. I stood up from my sitting position, which I was in moments ago, and searched around for fresh blood. I looked in the only place where there could have been usable blood, which was where little human and I had fought yesterday. As I got to the fighting scene, all of the human’s blood was dried up and unusable. I began to hate the color imprinted on my hands, for it hand began to smell of garlic. It was then I remembered about the pile of brains and internal organs, since I could do what I did to one of the brains before… make the veins explode. I grasped a brain in my hand and began to squeeze as hard as I could. Until, I was covered in more dark, venomous blood than I needed. I used this to then wash away the black remaining on my hands. I was satisfied when, the garlicky smell was disintegrated.

Later that night, I remembered about the little human’s body, which I fought yesterday. I never placed the body in the pile of lifeless bodies, but there was a reason why I didn’t. I wanted to wait until the blood dried up before I would remove the body. I picked up the body and smacked the body to the floor repeatedly, for I hated each bit of it. This human tried to kill me when it was alive, and now I’m returning the favor of killing it! Before the body shattered in pieces, I screamed at the body. 私はあなたを殺す! (I’ll kill you!) I then I traveled into the air, and let go off the body from a towering height to force breaking, and that it did. Thinking as the shattered of the little human’s body with flown across the room, I thought about why there were no more humans coming near my prison. Maybe it was because the little human which had slaughtered was the last one. Again, that couldn’t be true. Like I said a few days ago… I left a lot of humans alive so I wouldn’t die of hunger. After a little while of cleaning up my prison tad bit, I sat down. My crystals were colored as they should be, a shade of dull and boring. I still had the blood on my hands from when I washed them earlier this night, but they didn’t smell of the black. Before dozing off, my right eye began to hurt a little a more than usual, but it didn’t affect me at the time. So, I feel asleep, hoping that my eye would cease pain.

Chapter Six: The Scar of Blood Remains within the Shadows

That next night, I awoke to my Lævateinn at my left and nothing at my right. I had a hard time standing up since the luster of my Lævateinn had disappeared and made it almost pitch black in my prison. There to the far left, the lifeless bodies still lay hollow and useless like always, but to the right… still nothing. I was wondering why there was nothing in my right eye, I mean, if it’s usually this dark I can see out of both eyes, not just one. I figured that I could look in a mirror to see what the problem was, but I remembered that I couldn’t. So, I took my hand still covered in the blood, and stuck my finger near my right eye. I couldn’t feel anything, so, I moved my hand closer to my eye little by little, until my finger was in a deep hole. It took my second to think that through…How could there be a hole on my face where my right eye should be? I didn’t get shot in the face by that little human; I got shot in the leg, or more like the angle part. Then, I took both my hands and placed them on the place where my eyes should be. I felt my hand on the left, not on the right. It was then; I took my hands off my face, and stared at them. My left hand remained as it was before, but my right hand was covered in fresh, dark, venomous blood.

So, the only explanation of that was… I had no right eye! I hadn’t seen any humans lurking lately, so a little human couldn’t have done this. Maybe, it been like this? Maybe, I did this to myself in my sleep? Maybe did I stab myself with my Lævateinn and didn’t notice? I couldn’t think of anymore ideas on what could have happened. I felt too lightheaded from all the blood I was losing. Then I thought about searching for a bandage; I searched around the prison for a type of bandage that I could use to seal up my right eye, but unsurprisingly, nothing. I’ve never stored up on bandages, since I can’t get hurt. It was very weird how I didn’t wake up to be screaming in pain from something like this. I would have thought it would hurt a lot worse than it really did, but I guess I was wrong. Losing blood very quickly, I continued searching for a bandage, and I was running out of time. Then, I remembered… There is always a piece of the skeletal remains that looks flat, thin, and rectangular. With thinking this, I jumped into the mountain of bones and searched everywhere to find what I needed.

Bones were thrown everywhere in the prison in order to find the remain that I needed. I found many pieces similar to my description, but didn’t fit exactly. I kept digging, and repeating the same procedure, until I found the remain that I needed! I wasn’t as flexible that I thought of it being, but I thought that I could burn it till it could do so. I took the piece and placed it on my left on hand, and created a stable flame of the right. I placed the piece on my right hand, which would burn in until perfection. With burning this piece until flexible capability, I could create some sort of bandage that would harden over time, and never would fall off. The piece began to smell different from what I’m used to, so I took it off the flame of pressed it over what used to be my right eye. The piece was exactly how I planned it to be, so, it was pure perfection! When the bandage became sticky, I let it sit to become harder. It certainly felt different with the bandage on my face, it just didn’t feel normal. While I let the bandage sit on my pale white face, I looked toward the lifeless bodies pile, and stared at each body there. I thought that they should be covered with blood, just like my hands. It wouldn’t make them look so lifeless any more than they are already looked. Without knowing, I fell asleep with that thought of drenching the bodies of dark, venomous, fresh blood.

Chapter Seven: The Fears of Red Tea by the Little Humans

That next night, I awoke to the bandage dry and sitting on my face. I wondered how humans would react around me…Would they fear me even more. Would they like me more? I really didn’t care about what others would say about me that much, but I knew that I looked how I am. I lay on the floor now as I did last night, and thought… Where would I get the blood to drench the lifeless bodies? No little humans have been lurking lately, so, I haven’t eaten in a little while either, but I can eat the brains and internal organs. Thinking about this, I remembered something that a little human told me… “You shall never find the hind out, if so you will be killed by the remaining humans!” The humans always forget the fact that I can’t die! When will they learn? Getting back on topic, I believe the human hide out is somewhere around here, so I have to leave my prison, but I get there using the hole in which I pierced my Lævateinn through. With plans to do this, I packed everything that I would need to do this, which were my Lævateinn and my meal for later, in case I don’t return. Seconds later, I dropped to the floor, on knees. I lost a lot of blood in my sleep, I didn’t have enough. With this, I carefully stood up, and while I was at it, I grabbed a lifeless body to show the humans that I have killed their kind. After packing my things, I went through the hole, on my way to the humans hide out.

It was very dark in the prison, so, I couldn’t get around that easily. I made loud noises with my feet, so, I could follow the echoes as I walked down the long hallway. I managed to get to the edge before the turn into the hide out, but I heard a little human scream, “The bloody vampire is coming!” They knew it couldn’t be anyone else other than me, since they were the only remaining humans. With hearing that, I stepped into the turn and paused, staring at the humans who feared me. I tilted my head to the right, let my claws out, and began to laugh. These humans had no weapons, no food, no nothing; they were just living off the air. The little humans began to scream and try to hide, this is when I ceased with laughing, and reset the position that I was in. I took out my Lævateinn to set a spellcard, for when I would need it most. I walked slowly into the hide out, and was only greeting by the screams of frightened humans. I looked around the small room, for there were only three humans, hiding under ripped blankets and sheets. I screamed to the humans as I took out the lifeless body, you three humans will give your blood, and you will join the lifeless bodies which rot in my prison! The humans heard my scream, for they screamed instead of crying.

The youngest human came up to me, and grabbed my hands. “Take me, I don’t need to live.”  It felt wrong to kill a human that is sacrificing it, but their kind had tried to kill me, so, I kill them! I ripped the human’s hands off, and threw them to the floor behind me. The other humans watched from under the blankets as I began the rip apart this human, limb from limb. The human died as I ripped the hands off, but I kept going. None of the others tried to make me cease in my work, but one of them screamed, “We’ll kill you next!” I didn’t fear the humans as they feared me, but if they wanted to kill me, they can’t! As I ripped out the last rib from the little human, I sharpened it to make a spear. When completed, I picked up the body by the hair, dripping with fresh blood, and threw it behind me, letting the rest of the bones shatter, which I missed. As the humans heard the smack of the other human’s body, they came out of hiding, and tried an attempt to escape from me. One of the humans tried running right past me, but it got I got my wish for it to join the lifeless bodies.

Chapter Eight: The Last Human’s Desperate Attack to Kill

The last human watched as the others were killed by my physical strength, but didn’t fear me as much as the others did. The human wouldn’t move so; I picked up the lifeless bodies, and returned to my prison. I threw the two bodies into the pile, and dozed off, for I was tired off my killings today. I knew that I had to be aware, since that last human might come and attack me in my sleep. I drank some of the blood from the humans that I had killed earlier to keep myself from falling asleep.