Here are some links so you can learn more about Flandre Scarlet for all you Flandre Scarlet lunatic fans out there!

(Flandre Scarlet's theme/ U.N. Owen was her Full Version)

(Ask Flandre Scarlet)

If you would like some pictures of Flandre Scarlet, go on Google images, search Flandre Scarlet (If you want her to look evil, or cute type that it to the search box), Then enjoy your pictures of the "dirty little secret" or Flandre Scarlet! Or, if you would like the "easy" way to get to Flandre's pictures, hit this link:

More Links for Flandre Scarlet! As listed in my catagory under "Flandre's fears!", I said that I would make a link for getting to the thing (in this case video) on what tells how she trys to destroy it: (I made it have [Eng] subs for all you English people out there!) More links to come!