Flandre Scarlet PYSICO
Hello again! It's me Flandre Utsuho aka Flandre Scarlet! Okay, I really don't let a lot of people know about me for "weird" reasons. So I'm sorry that I can't show a picture of myself. Now, I'm going to be as accurate as posible to get myself right. Here you go:

- NAME: Flandre Scarlet (MY REAL NAME!)

-AGE: 495 years old (I lose track sometimes)


-I AM: A Female Vampire (REAL!)

-I LIVE: In Gensokyo (REAL!)


  • Blonde Hair
  • Flamming red eyes
  • Bloody Fangs

-I WEAR: Mostly red clothing, but to be real... I wear a white mob cap with a red bow on the left side, I wear a white shirt with a red vest covering, with a yellow bow, I wear a short red shirt with white ruffles, I normaly wear red shoes, and I DO NOT wear earing or makeup!


  • Priestesses/Priests
  • Running Water
  • The Sun


  • Control fire
  • Use my Lævateinn
  • kill people
  • kill you
  • stalk you
  • watch you

-I WILL: Kill you, and I WILL NOT tell anymore facts about me!

Sorry that I didn't tell a lot of things about myself, I didn't want to give a lot away... Your welcome!