A puzzle flash game created by Chibitami. Place colored crystals on Flandre's wings and try to remove them to score points.


Remove as many crystals in groups of three to earn points while trying to keep Flandre balanced. Use the arrow keys to move the crystal and press 'Space' to place it. The crystal is automatically placed when the Time Gauge has been depleted. If the crystal is attached to the two others above and the color matches the top crystal, the group will disappear. For example: Red-Yellow-Red, Blue-Green-Blue, Orange-Cyan-Orange, etc.

As time passes, the balancing will be more difficult and the Time Gauge will deplete faster. You will also be given an additional color of the crystal.

The game is over when too many crystals on one side are bringing Flandre out of balance and thus allowing her to fall.

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